VersaPen™ Stylus

The groundbreaking stylus for VersaNotes


The VersaPen is a uniquely designed stylus that works with the VersaNotes to write clean, bright lines and to erase notes with the tap of the pen. The VersaPen has a smooth surface for easy gripping and a hard tip that writes cleanly without scratching the surface. The QuickClear technology inside the back of the pen easily and completely erases the VersaNote by tapping it to the designated area.

The patented Clean Writing Technology ensures that you don’t have to worry about spills and messes blurring your paper notes or smudging your dry erase notes. Simply write, remember, and erase when needed!


  • One (1) VersaPen
  • User Guide

Common Questions


Can I erase without the VersaPen stylus?
At this time, the VersaPen stylus is required to erase the VersaNotes.

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