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Jot™ for Call Centers

Say goodbye to paper, shredders, markers and white boards. Say hello to Jot.

Taking notes during a customer call is important, but equally important is ensuring the customer’s information remains private and secure. This makes Jot reusable notepads the ideal solution for Call Centers. With an ample writing surface that uses no markers and has no onboard memory, representatives can take down confidential information, then erase it instantly with the push of a button.

Jot is the mess-free, cost-saving alternative to paper and dry-erase boards.

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Push to Erase

Clear the board with just a push of the button! No information is stored for HIPAA and PCI compliance.

Write with Anything

No need to panic if you misplace your stylus. Jot works with nearly anything – even your fingernail!

Message Board

Use the kickstand feature or built-in magnets to create a message board for daily goals and reminders.

Cordless & Durable

Runs on a long-lasting replaceable battery, so there are no plugs or chargers taking up space.

Call Center Pricing with 12-pack Minimum

FREE bonus products with 24-pack purchases!

Jot Writing Tablet

The world's best-selling reusable writing tablet

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